>Voice Wave Series, Al- Othman , the artist-poet , tackles questions regarding conceptual ideas that underpin many of his pieces. In this case how to use the cold hard surface of metal with color plexi-glass to convey and capture an aspect of the human voice . These small , wall – mounted installation pieces symbolically represent the sound of Al-Othman’s voice as he recites verses from his poems. The artist records himself reciting, then transfers the recording digitally to graph the sound waves onto laser-cut metal, creating a “ drawing” of his voice. Like the sound of the human voice , color and light project into space . The blue color contained within Al – Othman’s pieces represents the sound of the poet’s recitation. The corresponding blue light projects on the wall behind and radiates into the room through the beauty of light projecting through colored glass. The transparent blue light represents the clarity of the artist- poet’s voice we long to hear. In the Voice Waves Series, Al-Othman, the published poet, merges his poetry with his work as a visual artist. In addition to their visual impact–cold , industrial grade steel with brutally sharp teeth-like forms softened by watery blue reflections upon a white wall – the beauty of these pieces is that the two halves of the artist’s creative life are brought together as one.

By Curator Mary Teeling




Lines of Poetry from the Voice Wave Series

  • written by Abdullah Al­Othman
  1.  I need fear. I need God. And the chances of the insane to get back at life.
  2.  There are human beings here in need of life
  3.  I imagine that I am a happy bullet that missed the enemy
  4.  I hide my resemblance to my mother, so that I don’t remember or get overwhelmed by nostalgia
  5.  I need fatigue if it has a friendly face
  6.  Give me the worst record of an African runner and I will tell you the truth
  7.  I survive through expectations
  8.  I fear the jump. I fear blood freezing in my head’s veins causing my death by bewilderment or remembrance