New works by Abdullah Al Othman presented by Athr Gallery at abc art berlin contemporary 2015.

For abc 2015, Abdullah AlOthman will show new works, drawings and prints that explore the resonance of sound recordings the artist has taken over the last few years. Othman has worked with a variety of ‘subjects’, participants who remain anonymous, who allow the artist to record messages they would like to relay, that are difficult to say but also, in some instances would not be permissible within Saudi society. These recordings are then exhibited as printed sound scores or waves, with the depth of field exposing when a voice may be subdued or raised. The participants were also requested to submit objects that reminded them of the person or events they are describing. For example, in the case of a young woman, the t- shirt her brother would ordinarily wear reminds her of the sexual assaults she endured from him, an incident she has never been able to speak about to her father; a soldier who fought in the Iraq war in 2008 records a message of remorse addressed to God; a man imprisoned for a year for publicly voicing his opinion remembers the only company he had being a book he read for that entire year, and one mans message of his attempts at suicide. Through this collection of sound readings, archived prints of the objects and contextual stories hand written by the artist, we are given a glimpse of the wily and manipulative potentials of editing, revealing or non-disclosure of information and the effects this has on our societies. To not speak of these imperfect, objectionable and sensitive things, does not mean they did not happen.

Credits : Harassment from the SoundWave series, 2015