“fantasy land” For Sharjah Islamic Art Festival sharjah museums #SIAF sheds light on the variations of Islamic terminologies within cities that have a massive deviation in history, story, and the place such terms are used in without losing their forms .

“If the wind blew from East, I yelled: Oh, my extreme longing for Andalusia.”

The irony that can be summarized in one note is that when you search for the word “Andalusia” in any search engine, the results will be as follows: (Andalusia / Andalusia Mall).

The enormous variation in history, story, place, and name claiming is what this work that I intend to complete in turn is targeting, according to what the city carries with it!.

While Andalusia progressed from being an eternal Islamic civilization to a shopping center in Riyadh, many things were also transferred in the same way with an artistic blessing, so what can come to mind when hearing “The new land” other than the original meaning of the sentence, which is a newly discovered land or a recently found land?

In Riyadh, when they say next to “The New Land,” they mean by it, the place of birds that bears the name of the new land, not the sentence in its original meaning, as I mentioned earlier.

Accordingly, for every word that carries the same matter, this work begins.