Throughout the years that have passed us in this universe and specifically in the desert, sound is the main factor in the formation of mountains in nature, even if we look at the desert and took a look at the form, we will find an amazing desert formed through sound.
We are the extension of this voice and this desert. Not because I am the son of the desert, but because it is both tolerant and homogeneous human nature at the same time. The nature of geography and the spiritual nature that has suffered from everlasting marginalization, enslavement and denial, although today’s world is derived from the energy coming from the desert and from the resources provided by the desert, in a country like Saudi Arabia, the desert has become a source of solar energy .


The people living in this desert have many values, principles and pillars.

First, delightful and this is what made him live in a difficult desert.

Second, enjoys a great destiny that made him resist anything.
Five audio recording devices and a circle symbolizing time.
Location Tuwaiq Mountains – Qudiyah I performed a recording performance and at the same time listened to a sound . The desert in Riyadh at different times and continuous from the dawn to the Sunset; the sound varies and changes with the time-varying sound of the gate. The universe, in the desert specifically,Time is legendary, and it has a traditional time to stand with the dimensions of sound . and stages of which annihilate the peopleand voice break through the barriers,Man is an object associated with the Holy and the Holy by virtue of the nature of his voice, And there are still worlds that are not finished . in the universe, the sound of energy does not end, and these sounds can return.
“I see the whole universe in a grain of sand, the seven heavens in a flower of violet, and I feel infinite in the hand of my hand, and eternity hide modestly in a moment of time”
 William Blake.